Provision for Patients With Special Needs

Hearing Impaired Patients

There is an audio loop available at the reception desk for hearing impaired patients.This is kept charged and is available on request.

Patients who use signers are booked a double appointment. The practice arranges a signer to attend from Staffordshire Assist and confirms when this has been arranged.

Visually Impaired Patients

We have the facilities to print off leaflets and information in a larger font for visually impaired patients. This service is available on request.

Patients with Learning Difficulties

We understand that some patients with learning difficulties may need a double appointment rather than a single appointment in order to have sufficient time to discuss their needs with the doctor and be examined fully. If a doctor feels that this applies to one of their patients, they will arrange for an alert to be put on the medical record so that if the patient requests an appointment, a double appointment will be booked.