Using Patient Access

How Do I Register for Patient Access?

You must be a fully registered patient, and need a letter from us containing personalised access codes. To get this letter you need to come to reception and ask for registration for Patient Access.

You will need to show some photo identity i.e. passport/driving licence (if you haven’t already done this previously when you registered as a patient). The receptionist will find you on our computer system and print out your access codes and registration instructions.

Once you have the access codes and instructions you need to connect to the website and register for the service before the date on your instruction sheet expires. Once this date has passed you will need to collect new access codes in order to register for this service.

How Do I Get Onto Patient Access?

You can visit The first time you use the site you will be asked to create your account. Here you will need to enter the four registration codes given to you by the practice.

Repeat Prescription Requests

If one of our doctors has arranged a repeat prescription for you, and the review date has not expired, then you can use Patient Access to request a repeat.

Prescriptions can be collected two full working days after request. If you have logged onto Patient Access you can view any medication items by selecting list of your repeat medication in the Repeat Prescriptions section of the screen.

Tick the items you require and then select make request. There is no need to add a message relating to your request. You will then see a confirmation screen, providing you are happy with the selection you made, select confirm.

Making Appointments

Please ensure that you book the appointments appropriately. If you are unsure as to whether it is appropriate for you to see a nurse or doctor please contact us by telephone. When you book an appointment on-line you will receive confirmation. There is no need to re-confirm by email or telephone – just arrive promptly on the day.

Due to the nature of nurses’ appointments we are unable to offer them on-line.

We would ask that you enter a reason for your appointment in the box provided when booking your appointment as this gives us the opportunity to ensure that it is appropriate for you to see the doctor rather than a nurse. Please be assured that all details entered are secure and cannot be intercepted. Our practice has a strict confidentiality policy.

You can also use this facility to cancel appointments which will help us to offer them to someone else who may need one.

Viewing test results on Patient Access

To find out how to view your test results on Patient Access please view our information leaflet: Viewing test results on Patient Access (PDF)