COVID19 Mass Vaccination Hubs

Many patients have received a letter over the weekend inviting them to book in for a coronavirus vaccination at the Millennium point vaccination centre in Birmingham.

We are aware that this has caused some confusion.

If you wish to book an appointment at the centre and travel into Birmingham then that is fine, and they will give you the appointment for the second vaccine in three months’ time when you attend. You must attend for a second vaccination at that centre and we cannot guarantee that you will be able to receive the second dose elsewhere.

If you do not wish to travel to Birmingham, then you can still receive the vaccine locally.

All of the general practitioners in Tamworth are working together to run a local vaccination centre which has been set up and ready for use for some time. The GP’s are not in control of the supply of vaccines. As soon as vaccines are given to us, eligible patient will be contacted in order of priority.

Please do not book appointments to discuss this with the doctor or post questions on our website. The information in this message is all we can tell you about the situation at present.

Yours Sincerely,
The Hollies Medical Practice